How it works

How it works

Welcome to the world of Samba Days, where experiences become unforgettable gifts.

Step 1 - BUY - Choose a themed gift box or a flexible denomination gift certificate.

Step 2 - GIVE - All gift experiences include a pre-paid card or certificate, a gift box and a detailed guidebook.

Step 3 - CHOOSE - Click here to activate the card, then choose one experience from the website corresponding to your gift box theme.

Step 4 - ENJOY - Call the supplier, give them the card's unique serial number, provide them with your card, and enjoy the experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What exactly is included with the experience gift pack?

    You will receive a gift box with a pre-paid card as well as an eye-catching guidebook to help you select an experience.

  2. I received a gift box. Now what?

    First thing to do is activate your pre-paid card. Click here - it only takes 30 seconds. You may need to scratch off the silver covering the serial number. Then browse the website for the experience of your choice within your theme category. Call the supplier phone number shown on the site to book, surrender your gift card to the supplier as proof of purchase, enjoy the experience, and share on Facebook.

  3. Are there limitations on when I can go?

    You need to book a minimum of 48 hours in advance, but we suggest that you make your reservation as far in advance as possible to ensure you get the most suitable date. Check with the supplier to see if there are any restrictions.

  4. I need a last minute gift but I'm worried it won't be delivered in time!

    We work with Canada Post to ensure you get the product within two business days. You can request that an instant eCard be sent to the email address of your choice, free of charge, just to say the pack is on its way.

  5. I'm worried about buying the wrong thing. Can it be exchanged?

    Don't worry - if your recipient would rather choose something else entirely, unbooked pre-paid cards can be exchanged for a different themed experience.

  6. Why should I buy from Samba Days?

    We are the only experience company to offer dedicated, first-class service every step of the way. Samba Days works with the best experience partners in Canada to ensure all our customers enjoy that perfect moment.

Still have questions? Please visit our full list of FAQs.