About Samba Days

About Samba Days

People often ask me how I came up with Samba Days, and the answer is quite simple: fed up with gift cards and ho-hum tangible gift items, I wanted to create a brand that celebrated seizing the moment in a memorable way.

It began when I was visiting England for a family wedding and was taken by one of the gifts for the bride and groom. In amongst the toasters and the picture frames, there was a gift choice of a hot-air balloon ride with champagne for two or racing around in a Ferrari for the weekend. I was struck not only by the originality of this gift but by its very essence; it served up a romantic or adrenaline-packed experience, it was personal and it celebrated living life to the fullest.

I returned to Canada and soon discovered that there was nothing like this on offer here. Of course there were gift options, but nothing as special and personal as unique experiences. Inspired, I created Samba Days, the ultimate way to give gifts that excite, enlighten and endure with memories to last a lifetime.

With every Samba Days experience, I've ensured a diverse range of choices with something for everyone, whether it's a small thank-you for a colleague or an over-the-top experience for a loved one.

As for the name, the Samba is the official dance of Brazil and it's renowned for its passion and exuberance. But what's most interesting is that it's not really one single dance, rather a set of dances. I like to think of Samba Days in this way: a set of experiences, a variety of steps to explore and a way to embrace the passion in our lives.

So I say, when it comes to gift giving, banish those impersonal gift cards, say no to another tie. Now, more than ever, is the time to take advantage of life's everyday moments.

How will you Samba?

Chief Experience Officer

Please share your experiences or if you have any great ideas please email us at service@sambadays.com