Kenza Day Spa - North Delta, BC - $109

De-stressing Massage, Pedicure and Hand Paraffin Treatment

North Delta, BC

Valid for 1 to 2 people

What's Included?

*De-stressing massage
*Scalp massage
*Pedicure with foot massage
*Hand warm paraffin hydrating treatment


*Two side-by-side pedicures
*Hand warm paraffin treatment

At the Kenza Day Spa you can decide how to utilize your package.

One choice is to enjoy a de-stressing massage followed by a scalp massage and a relaxing pedicure, foot massage and a moisturizing treatment to hydrate your hands.

The other option is to bring a friend and treat them to side-by-side pedicure and hand paraffin treatment while sipping from one of six different herbal teas the spa offers.

*Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment and bring sandals to wear after the pedicure

*24 hours notice is required for any change of time or cancellation


7215 120th Street
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October 16, 2012

Reviewer: Linda

My experience was wonderful the massage was very relaxing if I was more relaxed I would have fallen asleep but I wanted to enjoy the experience so sleep was not am option. The place was very clean and professional and I would definitely go there again. The four rating is because I did not get my hand paraffin but I was more interesting in the pedicure anyways.