Tandem Skydive - Steinbach MB

Tandem Skydive - MB

Steinbach, MB

Valid for 1 Person

What's Included?

* Training session
* All equipment
* Flight to altitude
* Tandem skydive from 9,000 feet
* T-shirt

This is the best jump of all! A Tandem jump gives you the taste of a freefall on your first jump.

Your instructor takes you up to 9,000 feet. You then jump out of the plane attached to the instructor and freefall for 30 seconds before the parachute is opened and you are guided to a soft landing.

You will reach speeds of up to 200 km per hour. Ask your instructor after you land how fast you went. Our highly technical equipment will tell you your top speed!

* Participant must be 18 years of age or older.

* Participant must weigh no more than 250 lbs.

* General good physical condition is required due to the intensity of the sport.

* There is free internet at the drop zone, a BBQ, DVD room and a small pool table upstairs.


289 Highway 12 North
Steinbach, MB view on map