Ultralight or Hang Gliding - Steinbach MB

Ultralight or Hang Gliding - MB

Steinbach, MB

Valid for 1 Person

What's Included?

Choice of:

Mile High Ultralight SkyRide, including:
* 30 minute pre-flight training and preparation
* Dual flight to 5,300 feet (approx. time 30+ minutes)
* Choice of Mild Gentle Flight or Wild Experience with Aerobatics!
* In-flight photographs
* Picnic lunch with BBQ food and drinks


Hang Gliding Beginner Course, including:
* One day of hang glider flight training (3 lessons) consisting of:
* Dual flight to 2,000 feet (approximate time 15+ minutes)
* Introductory Ground School Training Class (1 hour)
* Beginner Lesson Solo Flying with your hands on the controls (2 hours)
* Obtain your Student Pilot Rating with the Hang Gliding Association of Canada

"Live your Dreams" as you experience the most natural way there is to fly - on a weight shift controlled Hang Glider or Ultralight!

You can relax while enjoying the scenery with a certified instructor at the controls to teach you the basics of flight, or you can take control and learn to fly yourself! If you can ride a bicycle, then you can control our aircraft with ease by simply leaning your body in the direction you want to fly!

After the dual flight as part of the Hang Gliding Beginners Course, the next step in your training is to attend a short Ground School Class covering topics of basic aerodynamics, flight control, and weather judgement. You will then fly solo for the first time while safely being towed just 5 feet off the ground as you pilot your own training glider using the basic flying skills you have learned. At the end of the day, you will obtain a "Student Pilot Rating" so you can continue learning advanced skills to become an experienced Pilot who can stay aloft for hours soaring with the birds!

* All ages are welcome. Guests under 18 must have parental consent signature on waiver.

* Spectators are welcome.

* Dress for weather on the ground plus bring additional warm clothing, windbreaker, fleece, gloves, sunglasses.


Highway 12 North, Steinbach Municipal Airport
Steinbach, MB view on map
(204) 333-WING;