Get ready to show off your new rewards program

Get your program off the ground quickly and easily using the Samba Rewards online platform.

1. Choose your card style. Determine which look works best for you from our selection of card templates. We make it easy to get started - browse through our card template selection here


2. Customize your program. The Samba Rewards online platform can be easily customized with your company's look and feel. Both the Samba Rewards plastic card and the e-Card can be personalized so that the reason for the kudos is made immediately clear. We can customize the Samba Reward packaging with your company logo, the recipient's name or anything that will help to encourage even more profitable behaviour.

3. Leave the rest to us. Congratulations, you have just created the perfect rewards program. Save on time and the costs associated with a manually-run program. The Samba Rewards portal tracks your program use automatically and includes up-to-the-minute reporting so you can see just how effectively your program is working. Our Greater Toronto Area based team handles the reward fulfillment, including any shipping, allowing you time to sit back and reap the successes of your team!

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