2-Hour Stunt Driving for 1 - Milton

2-Hour Stunt Driving Experience

Milton, ON

Valid for 1 Person

What's Included?

* 2 hours of instruction and driving exercises for 1 driver and 1 "ride-along" guest
* use of a BMW sedan with automatic transmission (damage waiver included)

You and a friend can share this exhilarating driving experience. Have you ever wanted to learn how to do all those fast and furious maneuvers that stunt drivers execute during car chase scenes in the action movies?

In this two-hour session, professional driving instructors show you how to do handbrake turns (J turns) and 180-degree spins (the Rockford turn).

Set up in a safe environment, we provide the cars and the expertise to not only entertain you but to make you a better driver by the end of the program. You may not be the next movie stunt driver, but you will likely laugh uncontrollably when you realize just what you’ve accomplished.

NOTE:Choose from three convenient locations in the Greater Toronto Area - Milton, Brampton or Bowmanville.

THIS EXPERIENCE HAS LIMITED SPACE AND ONLY SELECTED DATES TO CHOOSE FROM. Please contact supplier for booking details after purchasing.
Country Heritage Park
8560 Tremaine Road
Milton, Ontario
The Cars:
Automatic Transmission Sedans

The Facility:
Large, open, paved surface with covered pit area. Slippery surface is created to aid skidding and spinning. Obstacles are created using cones and flags.

What to Wear:
Light comfortable clothing. Prepare for rain or shine. This is an outdoor event.

Minimum age for driver is 16 & must present a signed parental waiver.

All drivers are subject to a $19 damage insurance fee plus applicable tax.


Call for location details
Milton, Brampton or Bowmanville, ON view on map