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Salt Cave Tranquility and Massage

Oakville, ON

Valid for 1 Person

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What's Included?

* 60-minute RMT Massage (deep tissue, relaxation or Swedish) and
* One 50-minute Salt Cave session (total relaxation and re-mineralization)
* 60-minute Thai Massage and
* Two 50-minute Salt Cave sessions

Even before modern drugs were formulated, salt was already used in many homes to combat certain symptoms. Free from harsh chemicals, Himalayan salt provides beneficial, all-natural remedies for various body conditions.

An increased amount of negative ions in the atmosphere may provide relief from sinus pain and congestion, seasonal allergies and hay fever. They can also decrease the severity of asthma symptoms, respiratory problems and susceptibility to colds and flu by boosting the immune and respiratory systems. Skin conditions may also show improvement.

The floor, the walls, and the ceiling of the salt cave are covered with pure Himalayan pink crystal salt. Tons of large salt rocks surround the visitors and create a special micro-climate which is identical to underground salt caves. Visitors sit in relaxed positions on comfortable lounge chairs during the sessions. Calming music is added to help you relax.

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Bring a pair of socks or soft slippers. Please arrive 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment. Cancellation required at least 24 hours in advance.

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Wednesday - 11 am - 6 pm;
Thursday and Friday - 10 am - 7 pm;
Saturday - 10 am - 6 pm;
Sunday - Noon - 5 pm
Closed: Mondays of long weekends


302 Lakeshore Road East
Oakville, ON view on map

March 17, 2013

Reviewer: Nicki

The RMT massage was fabulous and the salt cave was very relaxing with dim lights and calming music. There were plenty of blankets to take care of the slight chill. The only thing to be aware of is that the salt cave allows children so if you are looking for a kids-free relaxing experience this may not be your best option.

January 08, 2013

Reviewer: Janice

We tried out the best holiday gift package that you can give to the one you love a deep tissue massage followed by a rejuvenating trip to the salt cave.We arrived at the Salt Cave in Oakville and immediately knew we made the right decision. Deborah was our massage therapist and what a treat it was to have a massage given by someone who really knew what they were doing Weve had a lot of massages around the world given at times by some questionable practitioners. It was a welcome change to walk into a place knowing that our tense muscles were being taken care of by a trained professional.The massage lasted an hour. My husband spent his first hour sitting in the Salt Cave meditating to calming music while wrapped in a cozy blanket. What is a salt cave you ask It is a room made completely out of salt. There are large chunks of salt rocks on the walls salt on the floor and even the air has a salty consistency the same as what you would find on the beach at the sea. The salt cave is a rejuvenating room composed of negative ions in the salt relieving congestion allergies and asthma. It boosts immunity the respiratory system and helps improve the condition of the skin. They say that a half hour in the salt cave has the cleansing effect equivalent to a three day fast. In Europe salt caves have already caught on and Oakville is leading the way to bring it to Canada.Once I was finished with my massage it was time to switch. I went into the salt cave as Dave enjoyed his massage. Dave thought I wouldnt last 10 minutes in the cave because I cant seem to turn off my brain these days but I was instantly transformed to a state of well being and relaxation. I could have stayed in there for hours clearing my mind.We both raved about our massage and had an amazing time chilling out for the afternoon. Deborah worked out all our kinks and knots and left us relaxed and ready to head to our hotel to enjoy our evening in the city.

January 05, 2013

Reviewer: Christel

I thoroughly enjoyed my Thai massage The Salt Cave was relaxing but I wish I had been told to wear warm clothes when I was in there it is kept quite cool. There was some confusion with payment originally overcharged but was rectified with apologies. I would definitely go back.