La Peau d'or Beauty Wellness Spa - Streetsville - $109

Sauna, Manicure and Pedicure - ON

Streetsville, ON

Valid for 1 Person

What's Included?

* Infrared Detoxifying Sauna Session (30 mins)
* Ultimate Manicure (45 mins)
* Ultimate Pedicure (75 mins)

The Detoxifying Infrared Sauna Session includes full body exposure in an enclosed structure with infrared heating units. The ambient temperature is 35-55 C. Infrared rays penetrate and heat tissues stimulating cellular metabolism and peripheral circulation. Perspiration and caloric expenditure are increased allowing toxins and heavy metals to be excreted. Viruses become inactive and the immune system is stimulated, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Ultimate Manicure incorporates a milk & honey soak, nail filing & shaping, cuticle treatment, exfoliation and enhanced hand massage with paraffin treatment. The experience is finished with a nail polish.

The Ultimate Pedicure includes a milk & honey soak, nail filing & shaping, and cuticle treatment. The exfoliation treatment includes an enhanced foot massage with heated foot-booties for intense hydrating penetration - then comes the nail polish.

There is a large range of nail polish colours to choose from, but bring your own if you prefer.
You will be provided with a towel for the sauna but you may bring a swim suit if you prefer.
48-hours notice for cancellation required or a cancellation fee applies.


27 Queen Street South Streetsville
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December 19, 2013

Reviewer: karen

We've been here before and we will go again. It is a little establishment that is done up so nicely quite perfectly actually with great attention to detail. Very clean and the staff are all super friendly and professional.