Studio Recording Experience - Montreal, QC - $89

Studio Recording Experience

Montreal, QC

Valid for 1 to 5 people

What's Included?

An hour and a half in a recording studio recording your voice over any instrumental you want. We also have a enormous collection of karaoke songs for you to sing to. At the end of the session, you walk away with a CD of your song.

Ever wanted to know what it's like to record your voice in a recording studio? Here's your chance to record with an experienced sound engineer and producer that will help you through the recording experience, bringing out the best in your voice. If you don't have any songs to sing on, we'll find them for you with our vast library of karaoke backing music. This is a great opportunity to make a demo or have a memo of your voice just for fun. If you can't sing, don't worry, with today's technology, we can make you sound like a professional singer!

Please call to book your recording experience.


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