Bellydance Lessons - Toronto - $89

Bellydance Lessons - ON

Toronto, ON

Valid for 1 to 2 people

What's Included?

Your choice of either:

* 6 classes within 7 weeks for one person
* Choice of one DVD


* 2 friends each have 3 classes of their choice (not necessarily together) to be taken within a 3-week period
* Each person receives a free DVD of their choice

Bellydance has many styles and genres. All embody joyful expressions of a sacred life force.

Arabesque Academy welcomes students of all ages, with all body types, from all walks of life to join a nurturing and supportive environment. This globally-respected school upholds an authentic lineage of teaching from Egypt and Syria, replete with integrity and joy. The highly-trained and experienced Arabesque teachers are warm, generous and respectful. They ensure every student receives a thorough, holistic education under the direction of Yasmina Ramzy.

Yasmina is a visionary, a master teacher and a highly acclaimed choreographer. She is the artistic director of Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra and founder of the International Bellydance Conference of Canada. With 32 years of experience, she imparts the Arabesque signature system of learning Bellydance in all its facets in 60 cities on five continents. The Ontario Arts Council sponsored the development of the Arabesque Academy standardized curriculum. Many Arabesque students have opened their own schools, created their own dance companies, and won a variety of international competitions. Creating fully rounded Bellydance and Arab Folkdance artists and teachers is why many of Canada's prominent Bellydance teachers and indeed Bellydancers from the world over receive their training at Arabesque Academy.

All of the highly trained Arabesque teachers offer fun-filled classes which incorporate traditional and safe techniques, a vigorous workout, and a sense of history and culture. There are over 40 drop-in classes a week to choose from at the convenient downtown location near Yonge & Bloor. This unique experience will be treasured for a lifetime.

Participants also receive their choice of a free DVD - either instructional or performance - 15 to choose from.

Drop-in classes available several times a day. It is highly recommended to take the Foundation level as the first class and then move through the levels as is appropriate for you. There is a Foundation level class six days a week.

* Wear bare feet for class and anything you are comfortable in.

* You may bring your own hip scarf or one will be provided for you.

* Change room provided.

* Arrive 10 minutes before class starts.


1397A Yonge Street - 2nd Floor
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